1. "She used to work in a diner
    Never saw a woman look finer
    I used to order just to watch
    her float across the floor
    She grew up in a small town
    Never put her roots down
    Daddy always kept movin’,
    so she did too.”
    Neil Young.


  2. "Better get ready
    Come do rocksteady,
    You got to do this new dance
    Hope you’re ready”
    Alton Ellis - Rocksteady.


  3. "Let me be your everlasting light
    The sun when there is none
    I’m a shepherd for you
    And I’ll guide you through
    Let me be your everlasting light.

    A train goin’ ‘way from pain
    Love is the coal
    That makes this train roll
    Let me be your everlasting light.”

    The Black Keys.


  4. Wassily Kandinsky, “Tanzkurven: Zu den Tänzen der Palucca,” Das Kunstblatt, Potsdam, vol. 10, no. 3 (1926)


  5. On KawaraI am still alive (18.05.1973), 1973, telegram


  6. Francis Alÿs (Belgian, b. 1959), Untitled, 1994. Colour wax on canvas on wood


  7. house for mother ~ förstberg arkitektur





  11. Ancient volcanic rock and carbon fibre spliced together in Onyx sofa by Peugeot Design Lab http://ift.tt/1jTufpb



  13. Modern aerial view of the Satelite Torres


  14. City in the Clouds

    Eduardo Sarabia


  15. Mitsuo Kim  金光男, row - the kiss, 2011, paraffin wax on paper, screen printing, burner, 118.9×84.1cm